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10 dating questions

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That means that if you aren’t contributing to the system with your labor, your life means almost nothing.

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I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who is queer-phobic.As a queer femme of color, I keep close relationships with people who go beyond allyship; they’re true accomplices in the fight against white supremacy, queerphobia, and misogyny.If you’re not going to support marginalized folks, then we can’t be friends, let alone date. Beyond the lovely cushioning, happiness and support that we receive from our platonic relationships (which are, in all honesty, soul-feeding and essential), feminists also date!I grew up with Jewish (Israeli and non-Israeli) friends and Palestinian friends.Before even understanding how power and oppression worked together, we understood the trivial hatred that colonized and put in constant danger the lives of Palestinians every single day.I shouldn’t even have to express that, but being pro-Palestine and BDS is a necessary part of intersectionality. I was raised in Switzerland, so my understanding of how Europeans committed genocide against indigenous populations here in the U. Your date thinks Native Americans are tropes or relics of the past? A key part of intersectionality is having a complete understanding of how historical and current policies endangered the lives of millions of people, simply because of white supremacy and the colonialist entitlement to finite resources and land. S., is imperative if you have an understanding of systemic racism, the prison industrial complex, the 13th Amendment, and exploitation.

Capitalism, for one, teaches us that we are only valuable if we produce capital.

I don’t mean pro-sex worker in the sense where non-sex workers write op-eds and think pieces about how sex work is amazing and feminist.

I mean the kind where we pass the mic to sex workers because they know their experiences better than anyone who hasn’t ever engaged in sex work.

We live on a tiny planet, with land and water within a galaxy surrounded by a universe with an inconceivable number of other galaxies and planets.

Yet here we dictate where we are and who is allowed to be where we are.

But there are questions we have to ask before we get close to someone. There are three categories that are non-negotiables for me: an understanding of race, class, and gender.