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Blog dating thai farang

Whether such Farang-Thai partnerships are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ is not my concern.

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It is a fact that very few Western couples can survive several years in the Land of Smiles. Husband is walking along the Bangkok streets, perhaps after an argument with his wife, perhaps not.Such Farang men clearly have major issues: a sense of entitlement (to sex and dinner, for example), a heightened sense of self-worth (“I am better than my ugly wife”), and a loathing for Western women.Generally, this is accompanied by despise for Thai men, something shared by their Thai wife (“I am better than Thai men”).Upon arriving in Thailand, many Western men become like small boys in a candy shop, realizing they can afford all the prettiest sweets on the shelf. Chances are he will rapidly cross paths with a gogo bar, or a smiling Thai girl who will apply all her charm to seduce him.Many Thai girls know what they are doing in this area.Farang men will whine and bitch about ‘how difficult it is to have an interesting conversation with her’, ‘she’s not as docile as I thought’, etc. So let’s not lose our self-confidence and compassion.

These Farangs will often end up estranged or despised by their own children and extended family back in their country.

Times are changing: increasingly, Asian women are joining in the quest for gender equality.

Thai women’s opportunities will continue to broaden, and they will no longer be as inclined to prostitute themselves, or accept balding Farangs as the most desirable husband.

It is not always easy being a Western woman in Thailand, I know: I’ve been here for over 10 years.

On this Bangkok Diaries website alone, the amount of slander and hate-talk directed at Western women is a good representation of the larger anti-Western women dynamics in the country.

“You know, Bangkok is really a man’s city,” argued the editor at a magazine that I write for.