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Fortín (Spanish for "little fort") was the name used for the small pillbox and trench-like garrisons in the Chaco, although the troops' barracks usually were no more than a few mud huts.

Standard Oil was already producing oil from wells in the high hills of eastern Bolivia, around Villa Montes.It is also referred to as La Guerra de la Sed (Spanish for "The War of Thirst") in literary circles, for being fought in the semi-arid Chaco.It was the bloodiest military conflict fought in South America during the 20th century, between two of its poorest countries, both having previously lost territory to neighbors in 19th-century wars.As of 1919, Argentine banks owned 400,000 hectares of land in the eastern Chaco while the Casado family, a powerful part of the Argentine oligarchy, held 141,000. The 1924 Paraguayan stamp shows no border with Bolivia, in 1927 the border runs to the north from Gran Chaco - it later moved even further north with the disputed territory called Paraguayan Chaco; with slogan saying "was, is and will be [ours]".The Bolivian stamp labels the region as the Bolivian Chaco.During the war, both landlocked countries faced difficulties shipping arms and supplies through neighboring countries.

Bolivia faced particular external trade problems, coupled with poor internal communications.

After the subsequent talks arranged in Buenos Aires failed to produce any agreement and eventually collapsed in January 1928, the dispute grew violent.

On 5 December 1928 a Paraguayan cavalry unit overran Fortin Vanguardia, an advance outpost established by the Bolivian army a few miles northwest of Bahía Negra.

Meanwhile, in 1905 Bolivia founded two new outposts in the Chaco, Ballivián and Guachalla, this time along the Pilcomayo River.

The Bolivian government ignored the half-hearted Paraguayan official protest.

Boquerón, filme del realizador boliviano Tonchy Antezana tuvo su avant premier este martes en la Cinemateca boliviana en La Paz.