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Confessions of a sex addict watch online

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At that point, Steven's weight was down to 624lbs, but that didn't stop him from ordering a pizza within minutes of moving into the apartment his hapless father Steven Sr. Steven went on to miss an appointment with the doctor, and when he finally did come in for a weigh-in, it was revealed that he had put on a whopping 83lbs. Nowzaradan made the decision to suspend him from the program, but Steven begged and pleaded for some more pain medication, insisting that he was in physical agony.He opened a hobby shop, which took up much of his time, and he finally seemed to be more optimistic about his future.However, his career, unfortunately, had a negative effect on his weight loss, as it triggered his emotional eating.After seven days, he had completely detoxed and was allowed to return to his apartment in Houston, Texas, where he has been staying while seeking treatment from Dr. But he quickly returned to his own old habits, including berating his father and unnecessarily calling 911 multiple times.Viewers were also appalled to see that one of the show's most reckless and destructive participants adopted a cat, which he ultimately neglected.Within two months of being sent home, he once again demanded to be taken to the hospital for pain medication, and after he was weighed, it was revealed that he had gained 10lbs. Nowzaradan agreed to let him re-enter the program, and he was able to lose 79lbs during his one-month hospital stay.

Once again, he was allowed to return home, but this time he was ordered to see a psychologist in a bid to confront his addictions.

Although he appeared to be healing psychologically, he also started to put on weight.

Unlike previous episodes of the documentary series, neither Steven nor Justin's stories had clear resolutions, and it is unclear if they've continued to make progress.

After the doctor refused, Steven checked himself into a hospital to get the pills he claimed he desperately needed, prompting Dr.

Nowzaradan to force him into rehab for his addiction.

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