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Dating jeep cj5

If no weight data is submitted, the illustrated weights will be used.Pattern 17 Size 2.25" X 6" reproduction of Jeep dashboard VIN sticker.

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$12 Pattern 009 Dauntless V6 Valve Cover Decals - also used on oil bath air cleaners - $14 each - two required.Kaiser name has been dropped and the size of the decal remained the same at first, then was shrunk down to 1.5" X 4.5" sometime in 1970. There were several slight variations but this is the one we use.It measures 1.7" X 4.5" and had vehicle weight information added.$14.00 Pattern 011 Air Cleaner decal used with a few Jeeps that had dry element air cleaner.If you have a oil bath air cleaner this won't fit - pattern 9 should be used instead. The chrome doesn't show well on the scan, but it is very shiny.The print shop can take up to 4-6 weeks to produce the decals, so it is possible that a wait of two months could occur.

(Usually less, but that is possible.) Please be patient.

Pattern "D" The weights varied some from model to model - when you send your VIN info let us know if you want different weights. It is identical to pattern "D" but the word "Corporation" is in bold letters instead of italics. (Color is the same yellow as above - this is a picture of the proof used in printing) This one was used briefly in some Jeepster Models.

It is 1.7" X 4.5" Pattern "F" (Color is the same yellow as above - this is a picture of the proof used in printing) AMC bought out Jeep in 1969 and began making design changes in 1971. There were quite a few variations in these decals, but they looked very similar.

If you order something that has to be custom made (like VIN decals) then add another three weeks for printing. There is no guarantee associated with this, but we have shipped to many parts of the world without difficulty. Correct Pattern for WARN, HUSKY, and SATURN overdrives commonly installed on CJ2, CJ3, CJ5, CJ6 prior to 1972.

Pattern 010 NP435 Transmission mated to a Dana 300 Twin Stick. This is a custom sticker and not an original OEM design.

The original VIN decals were printed blank then filled out by Jeep with a special typewriter. Be sure you have selected the right size / pattern before you order.