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Dating longcase clock hands

Tempus Fugit – the tempus fugit term is a Latin word that means “time flies”, it is not a recognized brand of timepiece but what makes it famous is its incorporation with the top grandfather clock makers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger.Buyers must be aware that only distinguished tempus fugit carries along the brand or the name identification of a famous clock company.

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Here are some of the noted and famous antique grandfather clock makers that brought us equally famed timepieces: – located in Connecticut and was made from 1828 – 1978.We will always stock good quality painted and brass dial clocks.All our antique bracket clocks are sympathetically restored in our own workshops and are guaranteed.They presently manufacture long case, mantel, wall, and tabletop clocks which is now owned by the Colibri Group.The company temporarily stopped their operations on January 16, 2009 and went into receivership but came back on May 4, 2009 under new owners.– founded by Franz Hermle nearly 100 years ago in the Black Forest.

Hermle Clock Company is one of the worlds lead manufacturer of German grandfather clocks.

The company is based in Bristol, CT and Brooklyn, NY which declined after World War I loosing much of their business to lower-cost clock makers.

– operated from 1886 until 1871 because it was destroyed by the fire.

The Gilbert Manufacturing Company was rebuilt a year later as William L. It was sold to the Spartus Corporation of Chicago in 1964.

Today’s grandfather clock manufacturers are successors of the famous antique clock makers then.

Citizen Holdings Company purchased Bulova on January 10, 2008 for $247 million.