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Dominant and sub dating sites

The definitions available on-line can be difficult to understand as well. A Parasitic Narcissist is a narcissist who exhibits all of the traits of Narcissism as outlined in the DSM-IV, however this type wants to be taken care of.They lead a parasitic lifestyle, feeding off of their host, and anyone that provides them the opportunity. They look for strong, intelligent, successful partners that can run the show, while they don’t contribute and have an, ‘it’s all about me’ party.

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The Subtypes – The Overt Narcissist and the Covert Narcissist Depending upon their personality and the type and or level of childhood abuse, a Cerebral and a Somatic can be either an Overt or an Inverted Narcissist, all of which is based on their levels of insecurity and their ability to hide them.Somatics derive their Narcissistic supply from the reactions of others to their appearance, or sexual conquests.You will often find a long list of sexual partners in their repertoire.At some point in their lives a Narcissist could be somatic and after some life changing event, they can become cerebral, or vice versa.Narcissists and sex I don’t care if you are with a cerebral or a somatic, sex with a Narcissist is just plain, old weird.When we were intimate, it was routine, mechanical and boring, with long stretches of abstinence in between.

Sex with a Somatic Narcissist tends to be better, but only because this is the way that they derive their Narcissistic Supply.

Many researchers believe that Narcissists are both cerebral and somatic with one being dominant and the other recessive.

The type that becomes dominant is the one that was most valued in childhood.

Somatic Narcissists Somatic Narcissists are consumed with their physical beauty and prowess.

You will often find somatics working hard at the gym, or on their appearance in some fashion or another.

They can be seen as over confident, but it becomes a pathology when the behaviors are way over the top.