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The hangover was immense and the room was still spinning when she sat up.

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As they compared stories and memories, they were able to piece together some of the evening, but they couldn't recall anything from the last few hours.I want to thank Aisie Lynn for her fine job of editing my latest foray into writing.Please note that this story involves non-consensual sex and blackmail involving teachers and students.I have completed all the 16 chapters and chapter two is at the editor. ***** Kim Watson had just arrived home from vacation.It was late summer and school was about to start again. It was a middle class school in suburbia with a mixed student population of all races and financial backgrounds.Although all characters are over 18 years old and this story is just a fantasy if this isn't your cup of tea move on.

Chapter one sets up the story, the action really starts in chapter 2. The only way I know if you like it is by your comments and votes.

It culminated with a party at a condo overlooking the beach.

When Kim woke the next morning, she was naked and sore and had no idea of where she was.

She looked beside her to see Brenda also naked and still asleep. When she peaked out into the large room, she saw Janice and Joyce sleeping naked on the floor with three men cuddled up next to them. Kim slipped past all the naked bodies and walked into the bathroom. Kim quickly washed her face and grabbed a towel to cover her body.

When she looked in the mirror, she groaned as there were a few sucker bites on her tits and neck. Her face was covered with dried cum, as well as her bush. She ventured back into the large room in search of her clothes.

Kim loved working at the school; she has worked there for the last 8 years, starting just a couple years after college.