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Started off kinda nice then it became cr*p starting on page 3.I thought she was just some random woman, so when the guy started freaking out about Star Wars I shared her confusion. Politicians can be having sex in the comic (which it has) and people are fine with it.

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It would have been perfectly possible to create a similar scenario, in-universe, that added to the feel of male domination of a strong female figure; instead, the artist went with uncreative dreck. This site is filled with rape and oppression of both genders in almost any kind of setting and situation. And this is what gets people miffed and complaining about 'misogyny'. But ya'll getting this upset over some internet porn drew by some guy who apparently enjoys this is far more pathetic then anything in this 'comic'much as ppl hate the theme and the humillation of rey..i dont mind as much as i like emma friost and psylocke i dont mind them being humilliated same with rey..i agree with the artist pegasus about rey being a mary sue...common its so obvious that disnt ruined the movie for me but it was kinda annoying No body's complaining about misogyny. And now I realize that the artist is all "Muh mens rights, muh freedoms, muh whatever."I'm not miffed by rape or whatever cause I dont like it so I dont look at it.One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’re the captive of a satanic cult that’s steaming your nipples off over a charcoal brazier and a brass bowl full of bubbling acid. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: If you’re kinky, what better way to say “I heart you” than with BDSM goodies and fetish wear from The Stockroom?Considering that they run a massive sale about now, what better time to place an order?It could be a crossdressing Ben Tennyson getting anally raped by Clark Kent as Superman. George Lucas doesn't give a shit about this, though he might land here if he Googles his own name and laugh hard.Maybe even create an account and post "I came here for the comments".Really, despite what your local third wave feminist is saying, Bimbo fucksluts are not political figures. And honestly this is some of the more tame shit I've seen.

FFS there are comics here where women get mutilated and pissed upon and you guys are screamign because someone called Rey a mary sue.

Seriously on this site we have 8 year old girls being kindapped, raped and horribly mutilated before their eyes are pulled out of their sockets and they are pumped full of feces and eggs left to give birth to insect creatures. Gender stereo typing, now THIS is horrible, this is where I draw the line god dammit!

"You know, I think I can explain something that the people supporting...

So, just because some random artist decided to "deface" Star Wars and its fanbase using anti-female trash talk, we're going to revive the Anticrack trends and go "this is bad, please purge"? This is a fictional situation with fictional characters.

It could be Madoka Kaname eating Sonomi Daidouji's shit and getting whipped to death while her daughter Tomoyo is filming.

The first is the Scandal lace hood: And finally, this simple and inexpensive leather choker with heart-shaped padlock (functional lock, choker available in red or black) seems like an instant classic: The sale has about 2.5 weeks left to go, but if you want your stuff to be delivered by Valentine’s day, you’ve got less time than that.