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"There are some people who will never be happy with the outcome of the case unless it was a situation where the vet was barred from practicing for the rest of his life," Schadler said."But we try our best to give them the best possible explanation of what happened." When mistakes happen, it's not just the owners who are affected, he added.

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"This board does not work to protect the veterinary profession," Schadler said."I wanted him fixed so we could start over rehabilitating his leg." Dr.David Lee fixed Gunner's leg and inserted some hardware – a plate and some pins attached internally – to help the dog heal.So, the vet was reprimanded and fined $4,000, and the technician received an active 60-day suspension.For some people, such as Mariotte, the punishments were too light.In Salisbury, a vet technician sent out to vaccinate Yvonne Welton's huskies accidentally injected part of a rabies shot into Welton's husband, then put the rest in the dog.

The tech wasn't supposed to administer vaccines without supervision.

— Mike Vaughan's dog, Gunner, was like a child to him. Gunner disappeared in March 2014 while running on land owned by one of Vaughan's friends.

Vaughan found Gunner the next day at a local animal shelter after he had been hit by a car.

"​I just want what's right by him, even though I don't have him anymore.

I just want what's right by my dog." Veterinary Specialty Hospital declined to comment on Vaughan's case but said it takes complaints filed with the state board seriously.

"Our job is for the people and the animals of this state. Coconut, who's 12 (pounds), they gave (Snowball) medications, all the medication for a 12-pound dog." The mistake almost killed Snowball, and Mariotte said the dog was in intensive care for three days.