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Given the scientific background of the site it is not too surprising that the website as a whole has an almost clinical appearance to it; a strong sense of calming therapy being not too far away to analyse your feelings and ‘diagnose your best connections’ almost!

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You want to describe yourself and elaborate on who you’re looking to meet.

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In Deutschland ist die Ausstrahlung von “Adam sucht Eva – Gestrandet im Paradies” für die nächste TV-Saison geplant.

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Toothy, carnivorous beasts who were eventually BANISHED to a magical realm generations ago, ushering in a prosperous and peaceful era for the grateful grass eaters. Countless packs and prides of Predators have discovered a way to escape their supernatural prison and are on the verge of infiltrating Fœnum en masse, led by the greatest and most horrible of them all! Just as all inhabitants of Fœnum, Cattlekind were immensely concerned when the call for a Key Keeper went out.