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Kate, having been raised by a single mother, has seen the pain caused by playboys like John Tucker, and she won't stand idly by.

Both from the clothes that were in the dryer, and other fibers the clothes might have picked up as you wore them, perhaps in contact with other clothes, or the clothes of other people you touched, or off furniture.See more » A little bit into the credits and there's a scene in Tokyo, Japan.There are three girls out by a fountain looking at their cell phones. Shame about his limited acting ability though, as the infamous John Tucker was simply a more confident version of his "Desperate Housewives" character John Rowland, but nevertheless, Metcalfe seems to enjoy his characters, and certainly makes them come to life.Paper products are things like facial tissues, toilet tissue and paper. When you tear paper, the edges look like this (60x magnification): That’s just regular letter sized paper, the kind you use in your printer. Here’s the same piece of paper at 200x Those are some pretty serious fibers. They are visible to the naked eye if you have good eyesight.Another common paper product is facial tissues such as Kleenex.Of course, the picture on the cell phone screen in John Tucker in thong. In the case of "John Tucker must Die", Metcalfe's John Tucker is the most popular guy in school and a total player, cheating on three girls from different social circles, who were never meant to find out - until they unexpectedly had gym class together.

The three girls being Ashanti's bitchy cheerleader Heather, Arielle Kebbel's smart hard working Carrie, and Sophia Bush's semi-reject, semi-slutty Beth.

This indicates they are probably fibers from clothing.

Paper fibers are probably there as well, just a bit harder to see. There are lots of fibers on every surface and floating around in the air.

When paper, clothing or furniture shed fibers, the tiny fibers float around in the air and land on surfaces. If you take a fresh post-it pad and dab the sticky part over your face a few times, you will find it get quite a few fibers on it.

Like this (10x): Here’s a close-up (60x): Not many, but I bet you did not think there were any fiber on your face, eh?

Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days.