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(You must lodge the complaint to dispute the charges though!!): ACIF Complaints Handling Code of Conduct If you are not happy with the resolution offered, you can escalate the complaint to the TIO. will just refer you back to your Carriage Provider if you havent lodged a complaint/tried to resolve it with them first) TIO Mobile Premium Services information page ACMA Premium Services webpage ACMA Spam complaint form – SMS and MMS spam ACCC Premium SMS information page If you want to know who the Content Provider is, use one of the premium txt number lookups: https:// Opinions will vary widely, but here goes: I do use two premium services, neither of them are subscriptions: Yarra Trams and Connex (real-time public transport info in Melbourne).

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I spoke to my provider, Optus, and they referred me to a company called M block. I feel sorry for anyone who gets these premium sms'. I understand telcos provide you with a "credit" account on postpaid mobile services, but I thought it would be reasonable to expect that the only thing on my bill would be charges incurred directly with my provider and would not expect them to pay a third party and slap it on with my bill.Thank you for helping me with my previouse post: forum-replies.cfm?t=891619I did sms STOP to: MC 19951111 All Day $4.09 $4.09I got a reply on the 07/01/08: [Free Msg] Thanks.Note that the initial advertisement for the service must contain the provider name, and your phone service provider must also provide this information on request."] Given the amount of threads being created about receiving unsolicited Premium SMS's, it is time to create a single thread for discussion (so as to keep it all in one place, the topic has been much the same in the separate threads).Regardless of carrier/Premium SMS number, please use this thread to discuss unsolicited Premium SMS issues.Alternatively use one of the Premium txt number lookups and call the Content Provider directly to Opt-out.

Have a read of this wiki: 190x Voice and Premium SMS Wiki With regards to Complaints Handling of Premium SMS charges/services read this document: Mobile Premium Services Industry Scheme if the Premium SMS content provider has agreed to be bound by that scheme,orthis document: Default Scheme if the Content Provider has not agreed.

In every communication, I have asked where my number was sourced from.

I have rung 3 times and left messages, and received $5 in the mail today (not a cheque, a $5 note).

You should then also contact Vodafone and ask them to add the premium SMS bar on your service.

There's more information about Premium rate SMS at Vodafone's Premium TXT page.

A list of Content Providers that have agreed to be bound by the Mobile Premium Services Industry Scheme can be found here: Regardless of whether the Content Provider has agreed to the Industry Scheme or not, the complaint handling procedure is basically the same.