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In 2013, I built Wedding Crunchers, a search engine for the express purpose of analyzing NYT wedding announcements, and published an exploration of trends across 35 years of what I dubbed "yuppie nuptials." Three years after my first effort, if feels like an opportune time to revisit the analysis and take a look at some new trends.The data set now includes more than 63,000 wedding announcements dating back to 1981, and a lot has changed in the weddings section since then.

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Learn more about your monthly limit as a nonsubscriber » : — 1923–1980: Pass users have unlimited access to the New York Times archived articles outside the 1923–1980 date range.I also parsed out age data for each individual, so I could make the same "how they met" graph for people in their 20s, 30s, and over 40.Based on 702 New York Times wedding announcements published since August 23, 2015 It’s interesting, if not surprising, to see how the frequencies change based on age group.These images are available to digital subscribers only. More Information Archive purchases are non-refundable. The New York Times weddings section is renowned for its obsession with status, providing a window into what the world’s most self-important people deem to be important.

Sex and the City references the section repeatedly, and many publications have taken to scrutinizing couples’ credentials over the years.

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— Pre-1923 and post-1980: Articles published before January 1, 1923 or after December 31, 1980 are free to members of a group digital subscription and are not limited in any way.

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