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Thankfully, there are i Phone ssh clients that offer tunneling ability so that most of the off the shelf cam viewing apps can still be used.

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Thousands of girls & boys random are waiting for you. This website is constantly updated and are continuously added new chatroulette, here the complete list!• January 26, 2016 AM @ Wael, With regards Singapore, is that you in the corner trying to get around a 19" rack? • January 26, 2016 AM @ianf Its just that like someone already mentioned, all kinds of cams have been open for years and its well known also shodan isnt a new.I'm thus guessing that the walls with the video displays is approximately on the south side. On a side note the comments have always been diffrent between this site and krebs.It is essential the new owner change the default password on the camera immediately.It is standard practice to scan the world using default credentials to find cameras.Likely there will be a rule, like: Imagery may not be secretly collected for or by any national or foreign persons, governments or their agents.

Except for national security, crime investigations, cyber warfare, military base security, corporate security, marketing and copyright violations or bored government analysts as determined by Alice in the security department, or her designee.

• January 26, 2016 AM Putting a webcam stream of a public place on the public internet is not really a security or privacy issue, but in a country with crazy laws like the USA, the proud parent operator of a baby cam could be charged with disseminating child porn.

You disapoint me ;-) 1) What is the man in the corner doing?

• January 25, 2016 AM One solution for the ip camera user is to use a router setting to prevent the camera(s) from contacting any WAN address (outside internet).

Also, some cam apps and servers can be set to work on ssl only.

We could all loose and only two winners would be guaranteed, unless one of them is better at the "gambler's (prisoner's) dilemma" game :) • January 25, 2016 PM You don't even need a port scanner like Shodan in many cases.