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This is hands down the best pen pal site I've been to.

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Other programs can monitor and track online activity.Kids who are old enough to swipe a screen can have access to the world. For example, an 8-year-old might do an online search for "Lego." But with just one missed keystroke, the word "Legs" is entered instead, and the child may be directed to a slew of websites with a focus on legs — some of which may contain pornographic material.That's why it's important to be aware of what your kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves online.Warning signs of a child being targeted by an online predator include spending long hours online, especially at night, phone calls from people you don't know, or unsolicited gifts arriving in the mail.If your child suddenly turns off the computer when you walk into the room, ask why and monitor computer time more closely.The law also prohibits a site from requiring a child to provide more personal information than necessary to play a game or participate in a contest.

But even with this law, your kids' best online protection is you.

No option is going to guarantee that they'll be kept away from 100% of the risks on the Internet.

So it's important to be aware of your kids' computer activities and educate them about online risks.

45 years ago I had them but I had forgotten about the whole things.

The social networking apps that are really fronts for dating apps are a poor substitute for PPW.

Also, make sure your kids create a screen name to protect their real identity.