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The item you've requested contains mature content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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True, she weighed just over 14st and could hardly be said to be sylph-like. were then in the grip of a craze for big muscles (not to mention Kate’s other enormous attributes).But even sexy Charmion couldn’t hold a candle to the 15-year-old girl who was briefly the best-known strongwoman of her time.Indeed, so popular did Lulu Hurst become on both sides of the Atlantic that her success spawned numerous imitators — the 19th-century equivalent of Abba tribute bands.By the end of the storm, her cousin was utterly convinced that she’d seen everything with her own eyes.Then, as interest in her powers increased, she’d started experimenting with what she called ‘unrecognised mechanical principles’ — in fact, the tried and trusted principles of the fulcrum and the lever, which she used to disguise that she wasn’t especially strong at all. Then, using her knees to support her elbows, Lulu would exert a horizontal thrust.Soon she was appearing in vaudeville shows all over the U. and the UK with an act that seemed to defy the very laws of nature.

Among her most extraordinary feats was lifting a chair containing three heavy men.

Among the women who competed for bookings was Miss Darnett, known as the Singing Strong Lady.

Balancing on her hands and feet, she’d call for some helpers to attach a stout platform to her chest.

Finally, Miss Darnett — still squashed under piano and player — would warble a love song.

Meanwhile, rivals competed to lift ever heavier and more unlikely objects.

Madame Elise, for instance, used to stand on a platform with a 700lb barbell across her shoulders and a man hanging from the end of each weight.