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The Archaeological Survey of India has announced its decision to declare the 1,000-year-old temples as protected monuments.

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Thereafter, the Rajasthan Government has ordered the trust authorities to hold all the repair work.In Jainism this practice is collectively known as Varshayog and is prescribed for Jain monasticism.Wandering monks such as mendicants and ascetics in Jainism, believed that during the rain season, countless bugs, insects and tiny creatures that cannot be seen in the naked eye would be produced massively.The new carvings can never be as good as the originals, but at least, they are trying to preserve them.The indignant trustees claim that since 1942, several lakhs have been spent on renovation work and the trust is in position to spend the required amount.these four holy months are have much importance in Hindu and jain religion of India.

Process of Chaturmas in Jain Agam - Monks and nuns can not declare their chaturmas prior to samvatsari according to Jain agam "Kalpasutra".

The issue was started in March last year, when the ASI declared that the Delwada temples, dedicated to the first and twenty second Jain Tirthankar Rishabhdevji and Neminathji, would be declared protected monuments.

The Delwara temples were built in eleventh century at a cost of Rupees twenty crores by Vimal Shah, who was a minister in the court of King Bhimdeva of Gujarat.

Violence is involved in all these acts and the monks and nuns are held liable for these violence.

Hence, they are not allowed to declare their chaturmas pre-samvatsari.

We feel concerned for all the family members, who have suffered the loss of their dear ones and their property.