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Safe sex campaign usa

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By facilitating contraception and women's medical services we enable family planning.

We offer a wide-range of job opportunities as well as a multidisciplinary internship program.A person’s actions, or lack of action, not only affects the abused child, but everyone in our country.Click Here To Report Non-Online Violence Against Children …Yet, emergency rooms across the country call summertime 'the trauma season for kids.' From the heat to pools to bike riding, parents need to be on alert. Childhood memories are filled with summertime fun which means trips to the beach, ice cream, and rides at the amusement park. A recent study showed that if all births were spaced at least two years apart, the number of deaths among children younger than five would decline by 13%.

The number would decline by 25% if there were a three-year gap between births".

Mississippi has taken its first step toward a solar powered future with the passage of the net metering rule.

Though it is a positive step in the right direction, there is much more we need to do to transition to 100% renewable energy (solar, wind and water).

Learn How To End Bullying Here Childhood should be a time filled with wonder and joy, but the reality for many kids and teens is often much different. For more information on corporate involvement and donations ... KIDSAdd your name to the list and be one of ONE MILLION Voices.

They're the victims of bullying at school, on playgrounds and online. Learn How To End Cyberbullying Here Cyberbullying is social terror by technology ... When a kid of any age, up to 18 is threatened, humiliated, harassed, or humiliated via use of technology --- this is Cyberbullying. Join The Change For Children Campaign It's amazing how much spare change we all save. When we reach one million, the list will be sent to the President and Congress with a message to STOP ALL VIOLENCE against America's kids at HOME and at SCHOOL!

We are growing in dynamic new ways and we recognize that the right people, offering their ideas and expertise, will enable us to continue our success.