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Sbs 2018 wsus not updating clients

If you do remember doing this I would suggest starting over from scratch and not approving any updates until your database is completely up to date with the most current updates.

sbs 2018 wsus not updating clients-33

If done on an offline setup from which I was speaking about it does.Is Microsoft pulling a fast one or am I missing something?Also please see screenshot of Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256 being installed as well as updates that aren’t security related (I have several of them on other screenshots) despite having security only which has since been changed to NONE, Windows update seems to only be honoring our request unless MS really wants it installed and this is using WSUS…I'm a WSUS & GPO n00b so please forgive any ignorance I might show.Please let me know any information that I need to provide. ogs (XP Client) net start wuauserv /resetauthorization /detectnow Also can you check the event logs on a client and WSUS server, as see if you get any errors?Print Screen3How to install all the uninstalled update. Is there any method to pull the update manually from WSUS Server.

In the SBS Console I have updates for Client AND Server computers set to none…

On the Client Workstations that use WSUS (Not WU) I have them set to update automatically…

My thinking is The clients will update automatically only after I manually OK the updates, yet this morning everything has been updated Windows updates, Office updates…

If updates did happen to get corrupt you can run "Wsusutil reset" which Checks that every update metadata row in the database has corresponding update files stored in the file system.

If update files are missing or have been corrupted, WSUS downloads the update files again.

Check out this article; it goes over some known issues FAQ Go thru this step by step guide to see if you missed anything your client settings with clientdiag naykam, I did as you suggested. I also installed the latest windows installer I did set the update to occur at 5pm, not 3am as I stated before.