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Sexy chinese websites

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So style needs to be fashionable but more conservative even though lingerie is sexy by nature.

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But its success has interested many brands in the industry. For Chinese people it is very important to touch the product before buying and try it so it is better if the brands act inside the market.Implicite Implicite stores are located in the four most metropolitan cities in China : Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hong Kong.There, people have a higher salary and more buying power.Chinese women spend 10% of their clothing expenditures in underwear.Bottom line, the market is growing and the potential is endless.The number of men who order lingerie for their women on the internet is a much larger number than most would expect.

They enjoy purchasing sexy items for their loved ones but do not enjoy the experience of going to the store to rumble through piles of intimates, so online stores gives them complete privacy.

So we have two different marketing strategy : on one side like ETAM, a mid-range brand with stores all across China.

On another side, luxury brands only located in large metropolitan cities..

With a stronger western influence in Chin, Chinese girls are starting to develop a taste similar to the western wold.

Women in China are starting to open up and they want to express themselves and lingerie is a new sexy way of expression.

A lot of people make the mistake that Triumph is a Chinese brand due to their long presence in China.