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Td bank void cheque online dating

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A CSR for PCFinancial told me that post-dating is just an agreement between you and the person who wrote the cheque, and if you deposit it early then it may actually be honoured.

From the Canadian Payments Association (of which every major bank is a member) website: What happens if a post-dated cheque is accepted and processed to my account before the due date?Post dated cheques are used worldwide, I have only seen banks in Canada clearing post dated cheques and even some CSR saying that it is illegal to issue Post Dated cheques.3) No way can we thank the bank for the NSF charged when they make their mistake of honoring the post dated cheque.The layman's language translation is: The person depositing shoud not deposit before the date.The banks "should" catch it, but if they don't then call them.Not that post-dating is specifically illegal, but fraud is illegal and writing a cheque for funds that you do not have (whether post-dated or not) is fraud. 3) Not the bank's mistake, it's the depositor's mistake. As far as post-dating cheques worldwide, I don't know much about banking outside of North America and Europe but in Europe cheques are hardly used at all.

Most banks have written in their financial service terms specifically "you shall not write a post-dated cheque".

I have personally had a bank account in Austria and my parents have bank accounts in the UK and Germany and I have read through the FSTs for each of them and they all have it in some form.

I have also just dug up my old Financial Service Terms for an account I had with Fleet Bank of Boston a few years ago but couldn't find anything in regards to post-dating cheques in it.

If the cheque is deposited by a business, however, it might be in a batch of cheques and the date would be missed.

If it is deposited in a machine the date isn't looked at at all, except for staledate.

A customer with concerns about a post-dated cheque being processed to his or her account should raise them with his or her financial institution.