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Updating 4x4 porch post

(Remember that you have to subtract the thickness of a mounting plate from each end of the column.) The ends of the railing should screw into the square part of the column.

We were just about ready to cut the first column out.As Dennis made the bottom horizontal cut, the saw went right through the column. Dennis jokingly kicked at the bottom part of the column and it goes flying off the porch. Leaving the top of the column hanging in the breeze.We grabbed it and rocked it back and forth a few times, and it came off.He said sure, and one Saturday morning he came over to have a look.The inside of the porch had siding on it, and the faux beam that is supported by the columns had been wrapped with aluminum trim.Once the top piece was off, he pulled the nails, and the bottom of the two pieces of siding came right off.

Lastly, he popped the bottom J rail off and he was done. He said, now all you have to do, is pull the nails out of the Aluminum trim and pry it back.

Then we wedged the 4x4, jack post, into position and tapped it in with a sledge hammer. We didnt know what to expect as to how hard the column would be to cut out, how much weight it was supporting, etc. So we cut the wedge out to give us some working room.

So we used a reciprocating saw, and were going to cut a wedge, like we felling a tree, in the column. I must say, that wasnt easy, as the saw was really biting into the wood and shaking the column all around. Now we have to figure out how the end of the column is attached.

We tried using the saw-z-all but I guess we were using too course a blade and had a lot of trouble controlling it.

We tried to cut slits and then chiseling the pieces out, but on the masonite it would tear instead of really cutting, on the wood the chisel worked fine.

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