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Updating gridview

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While this property has been set for us automatically in the preceding tutorials, the examples would have worked without the .Let's view our progress thus far through a browser.

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This tutorial will have a Grid View whose rows include the name and price of each product along with a Select button.The Sql Connection, Sql Command and Sql Data Reader classes are mainly used to query resultsets from the database.But they also support retrieving the output of SQL Server’s PRINT statements.This tutorial concludes our examination of master/detail reports.Starting with the next tutorialwe'll begin our exploration of customized formatting with the Grid View, Details View, and Form View.In this tutorial we examined using a selectable Grid View to house the master records and a Details View to display details about the selected master record on the same page.

In the earlier tutorials we looked at how to display master/details reports using Drop Down Lists and displaying master records on one web page and detail records on another.

Clicking the Select button for a particular product will cause its full details to be displayed in a Details View control on the same page.

In the previous tutorial we saw how to create a master/detail report using two web pages: a "master" web page, from which we displayed the list of suppliers; and a "details" web page that listed those products provided by the selected supplier.

Such a hyperlink was added to each Grid View row using a Hyper Link Field.

For the single page master/details report, we will need a Button for each Grid View row that, when clicked, shows the details.

jinal, sorry, I just noticed I didn't reference the grid View, which explains why it doesn't like the Rows comment.